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Launches: JANUARY 11th 2021 at 11pm EST

by: Jimmy Mancini

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About AIVIDMAKER: It's an online tool that creates Talking Videos using the power of Artificial Intelligence to understand text.


Subject Lines:

- New AI Tool creates talking videos automatically

- AI Tool undestands Human Language and creates talking videos

- Create talking videos with a piece of text


Hello {Name},

Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence now it's possible to create talking videos super fast.

There is a new tool developed by Jimmy Mancini that created videos based on text.

That means that you just need a bit of text and the tool will read it and understand it,
it will grab the nouns and verbs and use images and subtitles to create a video.

The videos are used as explainers, news, motivation, to sale something, almost anything!

You better get a hold of it as they might close doors soon and for that price, you better grab a copy of it now!


{Your Name}


FE PRO: $17.95 @ 50%

FE Basic: $9.95 @ 50%

Extra credits: $9.95 @ 20%


jimmydmancini [AT]

skype: jimmydmancini